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Business Development in the 21st Century

Knowledge is the Key to the success and growth of your business, and Perseus UK can help with all aspects of your business development.

Revenue growth is essential to all companies and no more so in this age of increased competition and the fast changing world we live in today. The most important factor in successful organisations, is the relationships with your stakeholders. Most IT systems will provide factual information on your customers' purchases and your employees' however the most essential information is missing

•  What your customers think of your products and services

•  Why they buy your products

•  Why they don't buy your other products

•  What they think about your people

•  When they are likely to buy again

•  Why they buy from other suppliers

Armed with such information you could dramatically improve your position in the market place and the quickest method is making use of the latest online tools to research this vital information.

Enterprise Feedback Management systems should now be the essential part of your IT department to quickly identify customer and employee information and be used to adjust to latest trends and customer needs. Coupled with a strong consultancy offering to ensure that the right questions are asked of the right people at the right time ensures best practise and results.

Once the information is analysed, Valloria Consultants will help develop plans for moving forward as well as full implementation and even development of your teams.

Background on our team - Valloria is a group of Business Consultants who focus on developing organisations through a wealth of understanding of business and delivering solutions to meets customers' needs. We have vast experience of business and all IT related issues going back to 1965. Starting in the early days of computing has given us a unique concept of making IT count in customers' businesses. IT in itself has no value until it helps in resolving business issues, providing the means to greater profitability, increasing customer sales, improving productivity and becoming the delivery vehicle for the business strategy.

It was with this understanding that we teamed up with Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) partners whose systems collect data in extremely efficient and meaningful ways but also produces reports that give a clear indication of the needs and desires of your shareholders, customers and employees. Valloria operates throughout the EU offering solutions, consultancy and support on a number of issues including Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental issues and Corporate Governance. Knowledge is key to a successful business and EFM has the ability to integrate into existing HR and CRM systems to ensure that this information is correctly retain for ongoing use to the benefit of your organisation.

We have already helped a variety of customers to develop, deploy and report on :-

Corporate Governance

Human Resource surveys

Employee Satisfaction

Health and Safety surveys

Training quality and needs

External customer service and product satisfaction surveys.

Company & Product recognition surveys

Secret shopping

Public reaction and polling

The production of relevant reporting following accurate collection of data has meant many companies have benefited whether in the private or public sector.

Customers include all business sectors - Central and local government, charities and housing associations, banking and insurance, commercial operations such as consumer selling, large pharmaceuticals, industrial giants, advertising agencies, armed forces plus many other service industries. See Case studies for more details. One of the largest surveys being undertaken at present is for the Federation of Small Business who represents 180,000 members around the UK where information is used to feed into government and hopefully shape the future of small to large companies.


If you need help on a fully integrated system for Enterprise Feedback management then Perseus UK and their partners are here to help.