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Enterprise Feedback Management

About Enterprise Feedback Management

Today's economic climate has yielded a sharper focus on operational efficiencies such as reduced costs, improved processes and productivity - and new strategies for improving customer and employee loyalty and retention. With billions spent on CRM, HR and BI systems and operational infrastructure to guide growth and fuel efficiencies, companies are now turning their attention towards customers, employees and partners to help achieve and sustain growth. A recent Gartner report states that "enterprises with loyal customers generate profits up to 60% higher than those of competitors", a factor often overlooked in a thriving economy. But in challenging times, "customer analytics" quickly become a growing area of interest for organizations looking to gain competitive edge by improving the quality of their customer and brand experience.

For many Fortune 500, and other public and private organizations, obtaining and analyzing customer feedback is critical to improving customer loyalty. For online retailers and distributors, the quality of customer satisfaction at every interaction affects future growth. In the Internet economy, companies that expend energy measuring, tracking, analyzing and improving customer satisfaction levels, are predictably rewarded with loyal, repeat customers.

Enterprise Feedback Systems help monitor the "enterprise ecosystem", optimizing relationships with customers, employees, partners, and members at every interaction. Unlike traditional business or CRM applications, Enterprise Feedback Systems provide sustained growth and profitability by enabling organizations to listen, learn, react, and anticipate the needs of their customers, employees, and stakeholders.