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Server Security

Perseus Development Corporation provides free use of certain web servers to act as mail-forwarding agents, e-mailing the survey administrator a copy of each survey response. All surveys and all SurveySolutions surveys that are published using the option "Easy: Use Perseus Server" make use of Perseus web servers. No copy is maintained of completed survey responses after they are forwarded to you; the sheer volume of responses handled by these servers would make it impractical to archive these responses even if Perseus wanted to.

However, the web servers do keep track of a "running totals" file, a short page of summary statistics that can be used to generate live results pages; this is filed on the servers according to the survey title (technically the PDCPDCProjectID) and the survey administrator's e-mail address. These files are generated regardless of whether or not you currently have configured live-results display, so that you may turn it off and on at any time, and so that you may show some respondents live results and not others.

These files do not contain any information about the phrasing of your questions—it would be necessary to access your survey questionnaire to decipher these files. Perseus takes every reasonable step to ensure that these files are never made available to anyone outside the company. Any running statistic file that hasn't changed in six months is routinely deleted.

Please note that e-mail forwarded from Perseus servers travels over the Internet, where it may be examined by intervening routers. Such e-mail is not secure.

If your organization requires greater security, SurveySolutions Pro or SurveySolutions Enterprise can be used to save survey responses directly to your own servers, removing the need for mail forwarding.