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Perseus SurveySolutions/EFM 2.0 Reviewed

Clearly, with its focus on the corporate user, the EFM tag is more than a gimmick. Perseus was the slayer of Medusa, the gorgon with a habit of turning you to stone. If the gorgons that you are wrestling with are a proliferation of survey activities in-house, then this latter day Perseus should help.

- review by Tim Macer in Research, July 2006

Taking Surveys to the Next Level

Using SurveySolutions/EFM, organizations can control the survey process in a secure, shared environment. Organizations can also obtain the feedback they seek while providing centralized control over the survey process, ensuring a standard look and feel across all surveys. For example, an organization using SurveySolutions/EFM could have members of a workgroup simultaneously collaborate on a survey. Permission-based access to reports and analyses can be assigned based on role and department, so other workgroups in the organization could also get access to the survey.

- in eWeek, January 2005

The Flexible Solution

Perseus Development's SurveySolutions/Enterprise Feedback Management 1.1 easily handles Web, print and e-mail surveys and does so with a user-friendly interface that allows nontechnical staff to compile information regardless of the survey format. The Web-enabled product provides centralized control of the design, implementation, distribution and analysis of surveys.

One of SurveySolutions/EFM 1.1's strengths is the number of people who can work with the product simultaneously. During tests, for example, several eWEEK Labs analysts collaborated on drafting questionnaires and analyzing results by accessing the software via a Web browser. We could also enable permission-based access to reports and analysis based on role and department -- a handy feature for organizations that want to give multiple workgroups access to the software.

As with all Perseus survey software products, SurveySolutions/EFM 1.1's biggest advantage is its intuitive GUI, which resembles, and is fully compatible with, Microsoft's Office environment. The wide familiarity of the interface and the easy-to-use wizards will make survey creation easy for even the least tech-savvy user.

- in eWeek, October 2004

Top-Notch Survey [System]

Preparing surveys can be complicated, and the trick for survey software is to be useful to people who have little knowledge of statistics or survey technique. Perseus Development Corp.'s SurveySolutions XP Professional ($995 list) approaches the challenge with a solid lineup of wizards and supporting documentation, plus a Microsoft Office-style interface that works like a word processor for developing questionnaires.

SurveySolutions XP highlights Web surveys, but the software can also produce e-mail, fax, personal interviews, and mail surveys with aplomb. One of the best new features is the ability to shift (with a single click) between Normal (word processing), Web, e-mail, and paper (print) views of a questionnaire. More power has been added to questionnaire capabilities, such as enhanced question tables that may contain multiple columns and response options. Also supported are branching (the ability to skip questions or sections of the survey based upon a response) and question piping, where responses given in a survey (such as a name) can be used later in the survey.

Survey data is collected from the Web by the Perseus Survey Processor and sent via e-mail to an address where SurveySolutions loads the information into a database. This process is a big improvement over previous versions. Perseus has also beefed up support for advanced statistics, including crosstabs, a Banner wizard, a Regression wizard, and Gap Analysis.

[SurveySolutions XP's] strength lies in its flexibility - integrating online surveys with other survey techniques.

- in PC Magazine, December 2002

King of All They Survey

If you plan to run a survey on your Web site you could code it yourself but as with any Web applications project, buying a prebuilt system could save you a ton of money.

Today, we will look at SurveySolutions XP from Perseus Development.

There are three versions of SurveySolutions:

  • SurveySolutions Standard, which offers compatibility with Microsoft Office
  • SurveySolutions Professional, which adds logic to surveys including advanced branching, multisided table questions and piping for Web and e-mail surveys
  • SurveySolutions Enterprise, which adds real-time web-based reporting and analysis

The beauty of SurveySolutions is its flexibility. It supports many types of questions including multiple choice single selection; multiple choice multiple selection; choose one and specify; choose many and specify; rank order; allocation question (total sum); and questions based on filling in tables.

SurveySolutions can import surveys created under Microsoft Word or use the included questionnaire and survey design wizards.

Combine all of this with extensive reporting features, including a report presentation portal, and you have a pretty impressive package.

- in NetworkWorldFusion, October 2002

Perseus' SurveySolutions XP Digs Deep

Using SurveySolutions XP, which shipped last month, eWeek Labs was able to easily build complex surveys; deliver them through Web, mail or print; and compile and analyze results.

The main user interface of the product is very similar to Microsoft Word, although SurveySolutions does not require Office or Word to be on the system. Surveys can be created simply by typing questions and choosing response types or by using several wizards provided with the product. It is also possible to import surveys created in Word.

There are many results options as well. For Web-based surveys, we had the option of getting results e-mailed to us, having them saved on a file on the server or having them displayed automatically after a user completed the survey. Any responses that were sent via e-mail, either from Web-based surveys or from surveys sent through e-mail, were automatically culled from our in-box and added to our response database.

For companies that want direct customer feedback, surveys are still one of the best ways to go, and SurveySolutions XP makes it easy to create, deploy and analyze large, complex surveys in a variety of ways... any business that does at least a couple of surveys per year will find SurveySolutions XP Professional to be a bargain at $995.

- in, August 2002

SurveySolutions for the Web v4.0 is the latest version of the low end of the Perseus product line. This package has received much attention for its ability to bring Web surveys to low-budget research.

SurveySolutions (for the Web) is clearly designed for the researcher who does not possess a high level of technical skills. The interface looks much like the interface in Microsoft Word. Surveys can be created in a word processor and uploaded into the survey system.

SurveySolutions does allow for a higher level of control over screen design with HTML, as it provides access to the underlying template for each question. SurveySolutions also allows for advanced interactive survey design capabilities as well as any validation approach that uses a Web-based scripting language (such as JavaScript).

SurveySolutions, with a fairly robust design interface, is strengthened by its flexibility in working with external design solutions.

If your organization has technical personnel ready to handle the installation and support of your own survey system, the flexibility of SurveySolutions for the Web gives that system an edge. Its ease of use, once installed, allows for researchers to do their own survey creation.

- in MSInteractive (by Scott Crawford), August 2002

Hot-Sync Surveys

Say goodbye to your clipboard. If you want an easy way to distribute electronic surveys and analyze responses, take a look at Perseus Development Corp.'s MobileForms for Palm OS PDAs. MobileForms works with the company's desktop programs: SurveySolutions for the Web ($229 street), SurveySolutions Professional ($495 street), and SurveySolutions Enterprise (custom-priced).

You design survey forms with the desktop program and then download them to PDAs. After results are collected by your field workers on the PDAs, the data can be uploaded to the desktop application for analysis - no rekeying of pen-and-paper responses required. One syncing PDA license is included with the program cost; additional licenses start at $95 each, with modest volume discounts. You can beam the application itself, selected surveys, all responses, or a single response to multiple PDAs with no extra license fee.

We installed MobileForms on a Palm Vx and tested it with SurveySolutions Professional. From the desktop program you can import a custom survey from Microsoft Word or use a survey wizard, question library, or template. When you're satisfied with the survey form, you transfer the data to a PDA via the next hot-sync operation. The program uses the standard Palm operating-system interface for capturing responses when you enter free-form text, highlight a choice, or tap a checkbox.

Uploaded responses are entered in the desktop program's built-in reporting database. Alternatively, you can export data to Microsoft Access, Excel, or PowerPoint for analysis and presentation. MobileForms promotes timely, efficient, and paperless survey processing in mobile environments.

- in PC Magazine, December 2001

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