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ACE Overseas General

Customer Background
ACE Overseas General is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACE Limited. ACE Limited is a Bermuda-based insurance / re-insurance company that provides insurance products in more than 50 countries worldwide and employs approximately 9,000 people.

The Challenge
One of the ACE global data centers, located in Crawley, UK, provides data processing facilities to approximately 3,000 ACE business users across more than 60 locations in more than 30 countries worldwide. Annually, a formal survey is distributed to internal customers to gauge the quality of service being delivered by the data center.

In previous years, an Excel spreadsheet was used to distribute the surveys. This process became inefficient and cumbersome due to the size of the spreadsheet and variety of computer configurations used by the various ACE business units. Also, these surveys had previously been distributed to a limited and specifically targeted audience, but at the end of 2003, the Crawley Data Center wished to publish the survey to all internal customers. With this requirement, the Crawley Data Center set out to research and implement a more cross functional product that would be user friendly and allow for location / region specific questions.

The Solution
ACE Global Data Center approached Perseus to assist with their challenging survey requirements. After careful review by ACE, the SurveySolutions® Enterprise product was selected providing ACE with a comprehensive survey management system with real-time, web-based reporting and analysis. SurveySolutions Enterprise combines the award-winning Perseus word processing interface with advanced survey functionality.

The initial survey included hundreds of questions and was circulated to more than 3,000 internal customers. More than 1,100 responses were received as a result of this survey - the results of this survey being so big that they could not be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.

Future surveys, smaller in scope, have since been set up and published on specific topics allowing ACE to widen their survey audience. Most of the surveys published have been to internal customers, with the exception of one designed for external business partners and hosted by Perseus.

The Results
Unlike past survey experiences, the SurveySolutions Enterprise product enabled ACE to improve the number of responses, increase the audience, and speed up the collation and publication of results. The expectation had been that by widening the audience their overall satisfaction rating would drop considerably. While there was a drop in overall satisfaction, it was not as low a rate as had been expected.

"I personally implemented Perseus SurveySolutions, and while I did so, I was able to rely on Perseus' technical staff to offer guidance and assistance, although the software was simple to use and resulted in professional-looking surveys," said Terry Bate, Asia Pacific & Americas Account Manager for ACE Overseas General Systems. "Based on this experience, we have since published further surveys on customer service, employee satisfaction, specific application satisfaction, and post implementation surveys for new products."