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Automobile Manufacturers:  A Case Study

Many automotive companies have worked with Perseus to develop and implement web-based market research surveys for conducting market research studies for product development, to collect and analyze data throughout their supply chain, to survey employees worldwide in different languages, and to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Following is an example of how one large automobile manufacturer benefited from implementing multiple phases of a web feedback system from Perseus.

Phase 1: Web Pilot
The IT department of a large automobile manufacturer implemented Perseus SurveySolutions® Enterprise software when they realized the inherent benefits of a web-based system over the inefficient paper-based surveys they were using. Prior to adopting a web-based survey system, they were conducting telephone and paper-based surveys. This process was high in cost, time consuming and prone to human error. It was especially time-consuming because they needed to interview thousands of people worldwide, many speaking different languages. With the implementation of SurveySolutions Enterprise, they experienced a tremendous time and cost savings, and were able to deploy web surveys in multiple languages.

Phase 2: Continuous Feedback
After testing the software in their IT department, this automobile manufacturer recommended it to their training division. The company’s training department had an on-going need to obtain feedback on the effectiveness of their training programs once an employee completed a training course. The web surveys proved to be such an invaluable tool that the department began surveying more frequently. Not only did they collect feedback on the opinions of the courses at the completion of a session, but they also conducted surveys six months later to determine training retention.

The ability to conduct surveys frequently with SurveySolutions Enterprise enabled this automobile manufacturer to address time-sensitive issues immediately. The company is able to make timely decisions about which courses are working and which are not, and which courses need to be cancelled or improved. The decision cycle before the web software was used was over a year in some cases. Today, the company makes course decisions in just days.

Phase 3: Collecting Feedback to Address Individual Attention
Rather than simply measure overall satisfaction, the company can now set up trigger notifications to take immediate action when a dealer is unsatisfied with corporate’s handling of an issue. For instance, if respondent rates satisfaction on a particular item low, the service group responsible can be e-mailed to immediately get back to the dealer.

Phase 4: Diffusing the Benefits to Other Departments
Simultaneously, another large department within the company, the purchasing department, needed to survey their entire supply chain to determine methods for improving and streamlining the company’s procurement practices. After seeing the successful results of the survey projects conducted by the training department, the company’s communication department got involved. They realized that in addition to the training and purchasing departments, many groups within the company could benefit from one single solution and recommended that all departments company-wide replace the variety of survey tools, ASP applications, and telephone and paper-based surveys being used with one web-based solution, SurveySolutions/EFM.

Phase 5: Creating an Enterprise-Wide System for Efficiency
The decision to use SurveySolutions/EFM by the large automobile manufacturer was reinforced when the company realized they needed to ensure that data collected remained protected. Sensitive data and confidential survey results needed to be secured and not scattered across multiple systems and departments in order to ensure compliance with privacy laws.

The communications department purchased SurveySolutions/EFM for 4,000-5,000 employees to conduct surveys as needed. With SurveySolutions/EFM in place, the company is able to distribute survey capabilities across the company, while centrally managing the process. By controlling the distribution of data, this automobile manufacturer maintains compliance with privacy laws and data security policies. The dedicated environment SurveySolutions/EFM provides makes it the perfect solution for this leading company.