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Perseus Helps HR Consulting Company Tap Into Employee Satisfaction

Problem: A private human resources consulting firm wanted to conduct a formal employee survey for the first time in its 60-year history. While the company experienced low turnover, senior management felt they needed to know more about their employees' opinions to confirm they were in line with employees' expectations. They wanted to make sure the Human Resources department was focusing energies on the areas most important to both the company and its employees, according to a senior executive.

However, there were challenges to getting the information, including the collection of honest, accurate data from more than 700 employees in 16 different office locations in a completely confidential manner. Additionally, they did not want to tie up their IT resources. The company encourages the professional growth of its employees, and they knew it was critical to obtain frank opinions and information without their employees worrying about how management would view their individual responses.

Solution: Through industry recommendations, the HR company approached Perseus to assist them with their employee attitude survey. Perseus has a reputation for delivering excellent project support, and this consulting firm wanted their employees to know that an unbiased, outside group was playing an important role in the tabulation and analysis of this project. The survey was web-based for easy distribution to multiple locations, and it was sent from Perseus to underscore that it came from an outside source.

The Perseus software chosen for this project was SurveySolutions Enterprise 3.5, because it is extremely cost-effective for large survey volume. It offers immediate deployment through Perseus' secure hosting environment, did not require IT involvement from the client, provides dedicated server hosting, and provides data warehousing in an SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL environment.

Perseus created and emailed the survey invitation to all the consulting company's employees asking them to complete the 60-question survey. In addition to using questions unique to them, the survey used 46 standard questions from Perseus' library because using these 'tested valid' questions offered a way to compare responses to standard ones. Employees answered questions covering issues such as benefits, compensation, relationships with supervisors, company culture, and job satisfaction. Perseus provided hosting and research support and real-time feedback and analysis.

Result: The consulting company achieved a response rate greater than 70% from its employees! Although they received a few surprises, the results generally showed that employees were quite satisfied, but there were a few challenges to explore. They were interested to learn employees' preferences on subjects like spending more on benefits in exchange for increasing compensation. They were also pleased to be able to tailor their offerings to employees' expectations and local realities. According to a senior executive, this project provided a terrific roadmap for the future.

Results of the survey were tallied and presented in an Excel-like format for easy production of charts and graphics because SurveySolutions Enterprise provides complete report writing, presentation development, and data analysis. The charts and slides were easily exported to Microsoft PowerPoint to make it easier to present survey results. In particular, the consulting company was pleased to have the ability to cut the collected data specifically to each of the 16 locations, a benefit of Perseus' software. This allowed each office of the consulting company to review their specific results and see just what was important to their group. The visually-created reports made it easy for everyone to understand and actually work with the data.

This survey helped the HR consulting company collect invaluable data while also communicating to employees that their opinions do count.