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Exotic Adventure Service Gets Immediate Feedback with Perseus MobileSurvey

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Dolphin Quest is an exotic adventure service offering "swim with the dolphins" sessions at locations in Bermuda and Hawaii.

To make sure that the dolphin experience lives up to--and exceeds--customers' expectations, Dolphin Quest has always made customer feedback an important part of its programs and its organization. However, the people at DQ realized that for organizations in the service and entertainment community, the timeliness of feedback is just as critical as the feedback itself. As time passes, guests and clients become less likely to be willing--or able--to offer precise and helpful comments. Recollections become hazy, moments blend together, and impressions are generalized into moderate enjoyments and mild annoyances. Since feedback of this sort is suboptimal, the timeliness of gathering opinions is important. Dolphin Quest needs the results from customer surveys available immediately.

DQ was looking for a way to combine immediate collection with powerful survey functionality; after analyzing the software available for handheld devices, they selected Perseus MobileSurvey. "Once we met the folks at Perseus, tested their product and talked to some of their customers, we knew this was the technology for us," said DQ's Director of Sales and Marketing, Jason Price.

Now, as soon as guests emerge from their swim in the dolphin habitat, they dry off and are handed a Dell Axim X5 so they can give their immediate impressions via a survey. The service can thus be assured of fresh, timely customer feedback and avoid the need to encumber their patrons with mail-in surveys, which they are unlikely to complete. Survey data is gathered on these devices throughout the day, and at the end of each day, that data is uploaded to a server. It can then be reviewed by management staff through their online portal in real-time, or staff members can create reports by downloading the data directly into a PowerPoint or Excel document.

As a result of using this technology, Dolphin Quest is able to maintian continuously updated trend data on customer perceptions of locations, programs, marketing efforts, and customer service levels. "The data is helping us communicate with our customers better and allowing us to modify our offerings to suit their desires," said Price. "Looking back, it seems like our previous survey process belonged in the dark ages. This system is bringing us into the 21st century."