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Perseus SurveySolutions: Government & Military Uses

Perseus recently talked with many existing government and military customers about how they are using Perseus SurveySolutions®. The leading applications they identified were:

  • Training Assessments & Conference Evaluations
  • Technology Evaluations
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Human-Resources Surveys

Training Assessments & Conference Evaluations
The most common application of SurveySolutions, mentioned by 57% of our users, was for assessing the effectiveness of training and conferences. Given the large investment that the military and many government agencies spend on education, it only makes sense for them to continually evaluate the effectiveness of that investment.

SurveySolutions can be used throughout the training process:

  1. To complete class-registration forms prior to the training
  2. To pre-test students on their knowledge at the start of the training
  3. To immediately post-test students to determine what they learnt from the training
  4. To immediately solicit feedback from students that can be used to improve the classes
  5. To follow-up with students six months to a year later to measure knowledge retention and use of the training materials or acquired skills in their regular work

SurveySolutions can be used in a similar process for conferences:

  1. To complete conference-registration forms prior to the conference
  2. To immediately solicit feedback from attendees on specific conference sessions or session tracks
  3. To follow-up with attendees in the next few weeks to determine how well the conference met expectations

Customer Satisfaction
Many government agencies work hard to measure the satisfaction of the constituencies that they serve, adapting traditional customer-satisfaction research to the users of their services.

  • "We use SurveySolutions to survey internal and external customers on any number of things." - A Regional Management Agency
  • "Our agency has a diverse customer population in that we provide services such as motor pool, contracting, purchasing, leasing, property management, mail services, architectural and engineering services, facilities management, etc. to other public entities. Some of the surveys that we have conducted include: a) Ongoing transaction customer surveys which are very focused on process steps. We create a baseline and then continuously gather feedback to see how process changes are working. b) "Snapshot in time" program customer surveys that are focused on overall satisfaction and general feedback; these are done about 18 months apart for all programs in the agency." - A State Government User

Human Resources
Human-resource surveys involve not just traditional employment satisfaction surveys, but a range of other measurement applications as well. Some of the questions government and military users ask using SurveySolutions:

  • How do employees feel about specific initiatives and reforms?
  • What do departing employees have to say about the organization they work for?
  • In what has been a tight labor market, what can an agency due to encourage its employees to refer friends and associates?
  • What has been the effectiveness of employee-diversity initiatives?

"I use SurveySolutions for human resources related surveys (attitudes, satisfaction, exit survey, etc.), and find it easy to use and quick to produce actionable reports and summaries..." - A Coast Guard User

InternetWeek Review
Rebecca Rohan of Internet Week recently reviewed SurveySolutions 4.0:

Some of her comments:

  • "One of the best ways to get the real answers is with a survey--and the best survey software we've seen is Perseus Development Corp.'s SurveySolutions Pro 4.0."
  • "[Rather than keep] us busy figuring out software, SurveySolutions lets us focus on our surveys. SurveySolutions is a sophisticated intelligence-gathering and analysis tool that's as natural to use as a word processor."
  • "Perseus makes the mechanics of surveying your customers a breeze - take advantage of the free single-question survey, download the 30-day free trial, or buy with confidence under the 30-day money-back guarantee. We highly recommend this software."