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Perseus Enhances Survey Process for Market Information Company

ABC Company is a leading marketing information company that provides market data and statistics on consumer buying habits, trends, and attitudes. Companies located around the world rely on market information provided by ABC Company from a wide range of reliable sources to uncover new opportunities and raise the profitability of their marketing and sales campaigns. ABC Company needs sophisticated analytical systems and management tools to support its current client base and potentially widen its range of services to allow for future growth.

A division of ABC Company needed to improve and enhance its survey process. ABC Company has built a list of consumers from around the country to obtain buying pattern information. Their respondents are people located nationwide who buy groceries, scan bar codes, and then complete surveys on behalf of consumer goods and name brands. Respondents are sent scanning devices for use in stores to track purchases.

Previously, respondents would take surveys on just these scanning devices, or complete paper surveys. But, the division wanted a more user-friendly way of conducting surveys as well as for their respondents to have something to do while their scanned data is being uploaded. More importantly, they wanted their respondents to have one place to get new surveys, have access to new content like reports and coupons, and have an easy way to track their survey incentives.

ABC Company, already having been a Perseus client for three years, approached Perseus for further assistance. They began work with Perseus using MobileSurvey. MobileSurvey enables users to create questionnaires using SurveySolutions® and deploy them on Palm, PocketPC, or Symbian-based handheld devices. Once respondents complete the survey, the data is dynamically collected and stored on the handheld device. A wireless or wire-based connection is then used to transfer the data to SurveySolutions for instant display in tables or graphs. ABC Company realized the importance of making survey taking more convenient and therefore looked for a solution that fit into the respondent's lifestyle.

ABC Company decided to create a respondent portal. Perseus customized its SurveySolutions Enterprise solution for the project. SurveySolutions Enterprise is ideal for organizations looking to manage ongoing survey projects or multiple surveys. It encompasses organization-wide access, research-quality reporting and analysis, advanced security, and the ability to collect responses to a SQL database.

With Perseus’ assistance, ABC Company built a respondent portal so the consumers had one-stop shopping that meets all of their needs. Perseus built the communication bridge between SurveySolutions Enterprise and the respondent portal. Perseus also provided the software to build the surveys that are deployed to the respondents via the respondent portal. Now, ABC Company can deploy regular web-based surveys and trigger-based surveys (which are surveys that appear based on a purchase made by the consumer—they are specific to a product and/or brand name).

The consumer begins by placing the scanner in a docking station and transferring data to ABC Company. Once download is complete, the consumer opens a web browser, logs in, and can begin taking an eligible survey while data is being uploaded (surveys are displayed on the web as links). ABC Company is now able to create a survey, invite their respondents to take it and as a result receive purchase-pattern data in addition to data from post-purchase surveys. Now the respondents have something to do while data is being uploaded. SurveySolutions has enabled ABC Company to truly leverage their web surveys more than the scanning devices ever could and muich quicker than the paper based survey method.

SurveySolutions has given ABC Company additional functionality like targeted skip patterns, adding brand name logos, images, and sound, so they can deliver more efficient surveys. Perseus is doing training for the ABC Company and the company is very pleased with the solution. The number of respondents has increased because the new survey process has more appeal to the respondent base—surveys look better and they appear while a respondent is at the computer uploading, making it more convenient for a respondent to complete a survey.

ABC Company plans to launch a portal that will be available on an international level in different languages. These portals will provide major communication channels to support its respondent group membership.