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Perseus MobileSurvey: Flexibility and Power for Business Applications

Survey of Product Merchandising
In any given week, 1,600 employees of a leading international Market Research firm make use of MobileSurvey, visiting grocery stores and other retailers to collect information about shelf space, merchandising displays and market share. New surveys, often for custom projects, are downloaded to each employee's MobileSurvey unit each week over a VPN connection.

More than merely a quantitative, statistical inventory system, this use of MobileSurvey allows for the input of qualitative data and open-ended communication from ground-level employees to the central management center. The result is a richer understanding of the retail environment than can be conveyed solely by counting items in stock or calculating sales averages.

Mobile Resource Assessment
MobileSurvey is also ideal for use as a compact, highly portable data entry tool, valuable when knowledge must be gathered quickly and accurately from an area in which traditional techniques are unavailable or infeasible.

Perseus is presently working on a project of this sort in Lagos, Nigeria. Perseus has been commissioned by the World Bank to help with a pilot program that will send World Bank representatives and Nigerian government officials out to rural areas of the country. There, they will gather information regarding the type of utilities, schools, and infrastructure in place in those areas, as well as the condition of their service and delivery, all collected using Pocket PC units running the MobileSurvey software. This method of resource assessment will provide more accurate and timely results than reliance on third-party reports or old data.

Immediate Feedback Collection
Timeliness is also a concern for those in the service and entertainment industries who wish to collect feedback on their performance. As time passes, guests and clients become less likely to be willing--or able--to offer precise and helpful comments. Recollections become hazy, moments blend together, and impressions are generalized into moderate enjoyments and mild annoyances. Since feedback of this sort is suboptimal, the timeliness of gathering opinions is important.

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Dolphin Quest, an exotic adventure service specializing in "swim with the dolphins" sessions, uses MobileSurvey on handheld Dell units with waterproof cases to survey their customers about their experience immediately after getting out of the water. The service can thus be assured of fresh, timely customer feedback, as well as avoiding the need to encumber their patrons with mail-in surveys, which they are unlikely to complete.

The flexibility of Perseus MobileSurvey can be seen from these three examples alone; they are but a few among thousands who have applied the power of this software to their own individual needs. Contact us to arrange for a demonstration and pilot of MobileSurvey.