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Perseus Helps MSN Build Marketing Solution


MSN was looking for a means to improve the user/customer experience on MSN Web sites. While MSN experienced a great amount of traffic to their Web sites, they lacked profile information about the visitors, reasons why they were logging on to MSN's Web sites, and feedback on their experiences. MSN needed this information in order to understand and ultimately improve user experiences to ensure repeat visits.



MSN approached Perseus to assist with this marketing challenge. Using Perseus SurveySolutions Enterprise, Perseus assisted MSN in implementing a Web feedback survey that randomly asked visitors about their Internet use and their opinions of MSN. Perseus designed and implemented a global Web site monitoring process that could be used by all Microsoft's consumer Web sites, such as Hotmail,, etc. It could support multiple languages and provide real-time feedback and analysis.


Because Perseus' software and Web-based solutions are compatible with Microsoft Office, the environment is ideal for Microsoft. Using SurveySolutions Enterprise, MSN's meeting managers have the ability to create surveys in a word processing environment and host them on a dedicated Web survey site. As individuals visit MSN's Web sites, they are randomly selected to complete a survey through a pop-up survey invitation. Results are instantly available to Microsoft with complete analytical and graphical functionality.

The MSN system is in place with 2,000-3,000 responses collected per survey in 1-2 business days. New surveys are designed and deployed on an on-going basis. The next phase of deployment took place late in 2000 to migrate solutions to MSN teams worldwide. This entailed the development of approximately 30-50 different surveys each month with 2000-3000 responses per survey. Each survey is 20-30 questions and is completed in 7-10 minutes. Questions ranged from profiling users' Internet habits to their Internet page preferences and content.


Unlike other ASP solutions, SurveySolutions Enterprise allows MSN to view the data on the Internet in exactly the same way they would if it were residing on their own desktop. This desktop-to-Web reporting analysis is a unique capability of Perseus’ SurveySolutions Enterprise product.


"The ability to view our results in an Excel-like format to produce charts and graphics in real-time allows us to understand how users' needs can continually improve our Web sites as required," said Microsoft's Deepak Agrawal. "What's important to understand is that our goal is continuous improvement, not point-in-time improvement. To achieve this, we needed a solution with real-time capability that could be deployed on a global basis. Perseus delivered it."