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Customer Case Study: A Large Computer Software Company

Customer Background

Perseus was engaged by a large computer software company which wanted a customizable survey tool to get feedback from visitors to dozens of different web sites in multiple languages spread across 33 countries.

Customer Challenge

The company wanted to systematically survey users of all the sites within its portal, the world's second-largest web network behind AOL. The company initially decided to develop an in-house software package. But after considering the problem of creating surveys for thousands of visitors to dozens of web sites in multiple languages in 33 countries, and tying all the results together in one database with a simple reporting tool, backed away. The software company realized that it would have required creating a separate product unit just for survey tool creation and to update the program on an ongoing basis. After considering five other software packages, the company chose Perseus.

Perseus' Solution

Perseus implemented its SurveySolutions software for use by 50 professionals spread across 33 countries responsible for data collection of its various Web sites. Each of the 50 could download SurveySolutions Enterprise in about 30 minutes. Each user could create a survey in a Microsoft Word document, convert it into a Perseus document, and, in about an hour, have a standard, 30-question survey ready to publish. Perseus provided the software company with a secure, password-accessed web portal through which its employees could communicate and view survey data over the Internet just as they would if the data were housed on their desktops. Perseus staff also helped set up more complex surveys, such as those carried out in 22 countries in multiple languages, with the data compiled in separate tables depending on which site the respondent was visiting.


Using Perseus SurveySolutions, the software company conducts about 50 surveys a month, each generating between 2,500 and 5,000 responses. According to the software company's calculations, it expected to save over $1.5 million over three years by conducting more efficient surveys using Perseus.