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MobileSurvey Features


To take a closer look at some of the product features click on the camera icon Camera.

Survey Deployment:
To deploy a survey to a Pocket PC simply use the SurveySolutions Transfer to Handheld option or e-mail the survey to remote handheld’s with MobileSurvey installed.

Results Collection:
Responses collected by MobileSurvey are stored directly to an SurveySolutions SQL database, to a tsv file, or can be collected by e-mail by the SurveySolutions desktop. Results can be collected using wireless or wire-based services.

Product Features:
MobileSurvey supports the following question types:

  • Choose One/Choose One & Specify Show/Close
Choose One questions can also be displayed as:
    • A Dropdown Show/Close
    • A Scale Show/Close
    • Push Buttons Show/Close
  • Choose Many/Choose Many & Specify Show/Close
  • Choose One Per Topic (Single screen or multiple screens) Show/Close
  • Choose Many Per Topic (Multiple screens only)
  • Fill in Per Topic (Single screen or multiple screens) Show/Close
  • Fill in the Blank (Single screen or multiple screens)
    • Text Show/Close
    • Whole Number Show/Close
    • Real Number
    • E-mail
    • Password Show/Close
    • Autodropdown Support Show/Close
  • Essays Show/Close

Question Properties include:

  • Preselection
  • List Captions
  • Required Answer
  • Required Specifies
  • All Validations
    • Choose At Least/At Most/Exactly X Choices
    • Minimum/Maximum length
    • Minimum/Maximum Value
    • Allocation
    • Rank Order
  • Choice Visibility
    • Shown
    • Hidden
    • Conditional
  • Piped Answers
  • Choice Destinations
  • Choice Code
  • Unconditional Question Destinations

Advanced Features include:

  • Advanced Branching
  • Glossary Support Show/Close
  • Image Support (BMP’s or PNG’s) (Pocket PC Only) Show/Close
  • Built-in Calculator for numeric input Show/Close
  • Customizable Validation Messages
  • Question Picker Show/Close
  • Auto Advance
  • Customizable Thank You page Show/Close
  • Wireless Submission
  • Enable/Disable Jump button
  • Save and Resume at last visited question

Collection Options:

  • Import results from ActiveSync/HotSync using Desktop Client
  • Email a copy of each response (Enterprise Only)
  • Store responses to a file on server (Enterprise Only)
  • Store responses to table on server (Enterprise Only)

For information on our latest MobileSurvey features and enhancements, see New Features in MobileSurvey 7.







To get the most out of SurveySolutions, or to find out more about how it can work for your company, please see our Research Center for helpful tips.