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MobileSurvey System Requirements and Compatibility

System Requirements:
  • MobileSurvey requires SurveySolutions 6.0 or later for Survey Creation and Results Management
  • Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1 or later
  • A handheld running Pocket PC 2000 or later with at least 2MB of free memory
  • A web server capable of running cgi for responses collected by e-mail, imported from a .tsv file, or recorded directly to an SQL database table using SurveySolutions/EFM or SurveySolutions/Enterprise
Supported Operating Systems:
  • Pocket PC 20001
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Windows Mobile 2003 SE
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Windows CE.NET2
  • Palm OS 4.x3
  • Palm OS 5.x3
Compatible Windows Mobile Devices:
  • Dell Axim X3
  • Dell Axim X3i
  • Dell Axim X30
  • Dell Axim X5
  • Dell Axim X50
  • Dell Axim X50v
  • HP/Compaq iPaq H1910
  • HP/Compaq iPaq H2215
  • HP/Compaq iPaq H3760
  • HP/Compaq iPaq H3835
  • HP/Compaq iPaq H6315
  • HP/Compaq iPaq HX 2400
  • HP/Compaq iPaq RZ 1710
  • HP/Compaq Jornada 540
  • Intermec 700 Series
  • NEC MobilePro 900
  • Samsung i600
  • Viewsonic V35
Compatible Palm Devices:
  • Palm VIIx
  • Palm m515
  • Palm Tungsten E
  • Palm Tungsten T
  • Palm Zire 21
  • Palm Zire 31
  • Palm Zire 71
  • Sony Clie PEG-SJ33/U
  • Sony Clie PEG-T655C

For the best MobileSurvey experience, Perseus recommends Windows Mobile based devices. Perseus MobileSurvey has been tested with all versions of the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile operating system. However, since handheld manufacturers who license these products are free to choose from non-standard hardware and are free to modify the underlying OS, unforeseen compatibility problems may arise. Perseus recommends testing your hardware with MobileSurvey before planning a large purchase.

Don't see your device here? Contact Perseus to see if your device is supported.

Have you used MobileSurvey on a device not listed here? Contact Perseus and let us know.


  1. Pocket PC 2000 and earlier devices without network access require the SurveySolutions desktop client to transfer results.
  2. Windows CE.NET devices may be supported on a custom basis; contact Perseus for details.
  3. Palm OS devices require 1.7MB of free space and at least 256KB of available heap memory. Survey size is limited to amount of available heap memory.
  4. Pocket PC 2000 devices without Wireless connectivity require the SurveySolutions desktop client for downloading results. Pocket PC 2002 and higher can use pass-through network connections available in ActiveSync 3.5 and higher.







To get the most out of SurveySolutions, or to find out more about how it can work for your company, please see our Research Center for helpful tips.