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New Features in MobileSurvey 7

MobileSurvey is updated in version 7 with a cleaner display, fuller design options, greater survey funcionality and improved device integration.


  • Appearance of a Response List can now be customized
    The Response List in MobileSurvey can now be configured by selecting up to four Fill in the Blank fields to display in the list. This is useful for keeping track of which results need to be completed at a later time.

  • Supports Show Progress Indicator
    If the Show Progress Indicator property is checked under Web Formatting in the Task Pane, a Progress Bar will appear at the bottom of the screen letting the respondent know how far along they are in the survey.

  • Supports Text Response alignment
    The alignment property for Fill in the Blank topics is now supported in the MobileSurvey client.
  • Images can now be automatically converted to a MobileSurvey-compatible format
    Users can now insert any type of image format into the Questionnaire Designer and have the images automatically converted to the PNG format as supported by MobileSurvey.
  • Hide Question Heading property now controls visibility of Question Heading
    If Hide Question Heading is enabled, the Question Heading will not be displayed with the question text. (The Question Heading has been removed for Pocket PC Logo compliance; the Title Bar must always say "Perseus MobileSurvey".)
  • Doubled Topic Text and Response length
    Choose One Per Topic and Fill in Per Topic dialogs have been redesigned to allow twice the original amount of topic and response text.

  • Question Text Expanded
    Question Text now wraps up to five lines of text and provide a vertical scroll bar to access additional Question Text.
  • Choose One (List Box) and Choose Many now supports wrapped text.
    Long choice text will now wrap for Choose Many questions and Choose One questions displayed in a List Box. All choices will have the height of the tallest choice responses to eliminate bias.


Questionnaire Design

  • Description pages can now be designed easily
    Multiple lines of question text will now be displayed on a single screen within MobileSurveys without the need for \n for linefeeds. To separate pages insert a page break.
  • Supports HTML Question Text
    Question Text can now use rich formatting options, including normal, bold, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, text color and background color.


Survey Functionality

  • Support for Piped Allocation total
    The required total for an Allocation question can now be based on the answer to a previous Fill in the Blank question.
  • Supports exclusive Choose Many choices
    If a Choose Many question's choice is marked as exclusive and the respondent selects that choice, all other choices will be unselected. Exclusive choices also override Choose At Least, At Most and Exactly validation.
  • Support for Randomized Choices for Choose One (List Box and Dropdown Box) and Choose Many
    If Randomization is enabled for a question, the choices will appear in a different order each time that question is visited to eliminate bias.
  • Valid Character Validation
    Allows only the specified characters to be entered for a Fill in the Blank question.
  • Supports Fixed Choices
    If a choice is marked as Fixed in combination with Randomization, the choice will remain in the same position while the other choices are randomized.
  • Review Mode
    A Review Mode now provides the respondent an opportunity to browse through the entire survey without having to answer any questions. When enabled, no validation is performed on hitting the next button and answers cannot be changed.
  • Device Integration

    • Increased Navigation Pad Support
      With the exception of Fill in the Blank and Essay questions, all other question types can now be answered simply by using the navigation pad found on most handheld devices.

    See also: New Features in SurveySolutions 7.







    To get the most out of SurveySolutions, or to find out more about how it can work for your company, please see our Research Center for helpful tips.