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Perseus Product Release Timeline

  • 1997 - SurveySolutions for the Web introduced as the first web-survey application (tying with Raosoft EZSurvey), debuting the word-processor style questionnaire writing interface and featuring AutoDesign and AutoPresent wizards for quick and easy survey construction.

  • 1999 - SurveySolutions for the Web 2.0, SurveySolutions Interview, SurveySolutions Live released. New features for version 2.0 included survey design templates, an expanded question library, support for displaying live results, an enhanced Publish to Web Wizard, and automated collection of completed web and e-mail surveys.
  • 2000 - SurveySolutions for the Web 3.0, Professional 3.0, and Enterprise 3.0 are released, incorporating question validation, multi-page skip patterns, choice randomization, and question piping as well as more reporting and statistics options.
  • 2000 - SurveySolutions Enterprise Service, a fully-integrated, web-survey research solution designed to help companies effectively use the Internet to collect survey data from prospects, customers, and employees for critical decision-making.
  • 2001 - SurveySolutions 4.0 featured smoother integration with Microsoft Office, the ability to export reports to PowerPoint, and SQL database compatibility. This release was concurrent with the releases of MobileForms and SurveySolutions Enterprise Portal.

  • 2002 - SurveySolutions XP 5.0, closely followed by SurveySolutions XP 5.1, offered refinements in browser compatibility, expanded capabilities in MobileForms, Solaris and Sybase support, and easier importing of e-mail addresses to the Survey Invitation Wizard.

  • 2003 - SurveySolutions 6.0 - Included in this release: advanced validation and table formatting options, dynamic questions, multimedia support, and international language packs.
  • 2004 - Perseus introduced SurveySolutions/EFM 1.0, a complete web-based application that allowed enterprise managers to centrally manage and control the survey practices of their organization. The first product in the Enterprise Feedback Management category of software, /EFM featured an open architecture: surveys could be uploaded to any web server, the survey processor could run on any server OS, and results could be managed in a number of database formats. SurveySolutions/EFM gave managers full control of the design, implementation, distribution, and analyses of the feedback process.
  • 2005 - With the launch of SurveySolutions/EFM 1.4, Perseus changed the feedback management landscape by providing enterprises with advanced reporting capabilities, new support for system integration, and enhanced security and control of the entire survey process. This release signaled a broadening of the SurveySolutions/EFM product line's capabilities, including an API and support for web services and greater integration with MobileSurvey v7.0 and SurveySolutions Professional v7.0, both also released this year.
  • 2006 - Perseus released SurveySolutions/EFM v2.0, a major update to the product featuring an Integrated Knowledge-Base, translation and globalization capabilities, advanced collaboration functionality, dynamic modification of live surveys, enterprise scalability, and enhanced integration with enterprise systems.







To get the most out of SurveySolutions, or to find out more about how it can work for your company, please see our Research Center for helpful tips.