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Export to SPSS


Perseus is pleased to be able to provide full support for exporting data from SurveySolutions to the SPSS .sav file format.

SPSS is the most-used data manipulation package on the market. Combining complex functionality with a lucid interface, it is capable of powerful statistical analysis of many kinds of data, while its display options allow for human-readable viewing of records and calculations.

Perseus SurveySolutions supports exporting all of a survey's results to an SPSS (.sav) file. The export process automatically defines all the variables necessary for a complete record, setting the Name, Type, and Label fields properly, as well as defining choice and missing values where needed, so that your results are immediately ready for analysis without tedious formatting. Since Question Headings are also fully exported (when using SPSS 11 and later), your records show the actual question and response choices rather than abbreviations and numeric response codes.

For more information on SurveySolutions' data export capabilities, please contact Perseus Technical Support by email at or by phone at (877) PERSEUS (877-737-7387).







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