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Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Keeping your company in line with recent expansions of accounting disclosure law is essential to smooth functioning and fiscal security. Businesses and organizations can no longer afford to maintain a laissez-faire attitude about gaps in their accountability, and enterprise-wide efforts to keep track of all the relevant information are increasingly necessary.

Surveys and other feedback collection tools provide a powerful method of self-audit for these concerns. Employees can be surveyed to identify risk areas in the company's documentation and assessment methodology, rating various procedures in terms of their importance and likelihood of failure. Surveys can also validate that the ethical outlooks of employees, vendors, and business partners regarding liability situations are concordant with those the company has established. Such checks ensure that company policies are well understood, and may also be used to solicit reports of potentially unethical behavior. Survey instruments can function part of the audit procedures themselves, acting as checklists and establishing a record of which actions were taken and when.

Perseus SurveySolutions is well-suited to perform all of these tasks and others, and has several features which make this process efficient and effective:

  • Survey results may be kept anonymous when soliciting evaluations or situation reports, or they may be tied to a unique identifier for purposes of tracking procedure completion.
  • Automated scheduling of surveys for recurrent tasks ensures continual attention to necessary points of concern.
  • Longitudinal analysis and reporting allow managers to track improvements in compliance over time.
  • Action triggers can notify relevant personnel when issues needing immediate attention arise.
  • Real-time results management and reporting allow for constant awareness of the initiative's status.


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