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The EFM Difference
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The EFM Difference

Perseus SurveySolutions/EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) is a unique web survey application that provides centralized control and management of the entire survey process. With SurveySolutions/EFM, business managers can centrally control the survey practices of their organization by applying content approvals and security controls throughout the entire survey process.

What's more, SurveySolutions/EFM employs a true workflow environment incorporating role-based access and collaboration capabilities throughout the entire feedback cycle, including survey design, distribution, invitation management, response management, analysis, and reporting.

Providing all this functionality in a single package is the true benefit of an EFM solution, as recognized by leading industry analysts including Gartner. As analyst Esteban Kolsky writes, "Moving away from traditional, stand-alone implementations toward the consolidated, enterprise-wide use of feedback can add strategic value and reduce costs."